Monday, November 12, 2012

#2441-to Elector Johann Friedrich

To the illustrious highborn Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Friedrich, Duke of Saxony, the Holy Roman Empire Archmarchal and Elector, Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, and Burggraf in Magdeburg, my most gracious Lord. .
G.(race(u.(F).(peace) in Christ, our LOrd and Savior. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord! Upon ECFG's command, as D.Brueck related, on the efforts against the Turks etc., that ECFG desires my thoughts, these are my thoughts. Because Germany is full of blood-shed and blasphemy which against conscience and known truth exalts and rages, it is impossible (else differently God lives and rules) that it should without great punishment escape and God in the beginning of the reign of King Ferdinand such dissoulute and unfortunate events in both regiment and essence continue to permit; on account of that there is no hope but pure concern, yes, certainly much unhappiness is imminent. If it is now true that the Turk with great power is coming I think that the punishment stick (divine?) is bound against one cannot defend: therefore I commend everything to God and with prayer, what may happen or be decided, to be dealt with.Then I also think that God will not be happy that ECFG is sought for help by them nor yet peace in such extremities. Now for all, because of this great need, not only Ferdninand and our other enemies must suffer but also many pious,loyal people in our fatherland: so I think (insofar as ECFG is asking and seeking) ECFG be for the helping and consolation of the poor dwellings (not for the Tyrants) justly and with good conscience, and also not be responsible so that afterward the conscience must sigh and with the occurring damage accuse yourself and say: why did you not protect the poor with help when you knew well and did not hinder the well-known the slight matter  of the tyrannts?Then whether we should be concerned that the Turks,our opponents, will strike( which to me is unbelievable) that they may turn the spear against us; we know that it cannot be done since the majority is not following , as happened before also, and the Turks had to withdraw from Vienna and yet nothing was undertaken against us. And whether there is concern that they might do such as they would like to do there is nothing about such an uncertain play nothing to do that would be offensive and dangerous thereafter to our conscience.It rests in God's hand, not in our will, what they do to us or what we must suffer as we have previously learned.;and it has and will not help us whether we firmly or strongly are against them ( yes, that should well be the first failing); so we are not thereby forsaken or lost whether we are weak or despised as it yet so stands today.Also whether ECFG is not requested to help, (which would be a horrible sign of pride and presumption and very advantageous to the Turks), so I think also that ECFG might likewise let happen that other Princes and Estates might change and cooperate  to save the Fatherland and poor people.Necessity (necessitas) has no law (legem) and where there is need there ceases everything which covenant,law or contract is called since need goes over everything else: although I have great concern about such harmful perfidy which is used for division so that also ours would be offered on the slaughter bank (if God does not perform a miracle and the Jehoshaphat preserved by the army of Achab).Yet we must with our brothers good and evil bear as good comrades, as husband and wife, as father and children venture together and endure the sweet and sauer; God will likewise know how to find His own in death. Such are theological thoughts which in such high matters cannot be the Counselor, because I do know the circcumstances and of the people and matter but by God's grace brought in in darkness traveling and counseling as I would want to do (whether it is said of me further) well. Christ ,our dear LOrd,would ECFG, as he further looks into such high matters, give wisdom and direction; for the same we faithfully pray as we should; for the same I commend ECFG my heartfelt prayers.Amen. Med week after Vocem Jucunditatis (29 Mai) 1538. ECFG"s humble Mart.Luther
P.S> Also whether the other Estates ,ECFG's relatives (ECFG not requesting) want to be drawn in; may ECFG permit the same to happen with the obligation that they do not thereby be separated from ECFG  and forsake ECFG although my thoughts differ much  that that should happen  as they likely think. Yet God will do everything that he himself will not be brought to harm and will yet have have glory over the devil,Amen

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