Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#2437-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! I plead with you, my dear Jonas, that you answer as soon as possible in what part of the world you are staying since I dreamed that you were likely in Dessau, yet on the fourth-which I also had a sure dream-mile-stone; so missent were the letters sent at that time. Since that which I today have received I believe that I sufficiently answered as once also previously happened; I do not know whom to blame except prehaps on the forests that lie between. Now I answer again ( if you receive this answer before  you go elsewhere) that I am ready to meet the worthy Prince at the place and day they desire.I believe, you understand if the letter is received.
Here many and great things are said of the Turks all of which everything likely will be shown to be false and that this expedition  under the imagined name of Turks against the Lutherans is on the way. Yet, meanwhile we have no basis that we should have believed or that we yet should believe. Christ may soon be coming,Amen. Be it well with you in the LOrd. on the Friday after Cantate (24 Mai) 1538. Your Martin Luther.

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