Monday, October 29, 2012

#2438-A Recommendation Writing

Grace and peace in the LOrd all pious Christians and Friends! This good man, Mr. Franciscum who comes to Germany from a foreign land I am requesting that each whom he visits would be commendable to them and they helpful.
We here at Wittenberg are nearly overwhelmed with more than our poverty is capable of  by many made regugees but otherwise good people who want to be students seeking help and not so those of great reputation having but also those who are nearby neighbors who would be  daily spared from burdens could receive help and support.Who knows how God would support  and bless us and also what He would make out of such people.
There were among Israel also many foreigners who were better than many among Israel like he of the ten lepers in Luke 17  and the Centurion in Capernaum. Therefore we must consider such to be beneficial to Christ ,without regard, that at times they be from a lost people and evil people whom the pious would not be benefited. .
One does what his conscience holds. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. Friday after Cantate (24 Mai)Anno 1538. D. Mart.Luther.
Nota: Some editions say M.Franciscum was a Mohr. We stayed at the Drei Mohr Hotel in Augsburg years ago. Maybe Franciscum's entrepeneur descendants?

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