Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#2418-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

Grace and peace in Christ! I do not have time now to write much,my good and dearest Nicolaus. Therefore I ask firstly that you say thanks to the illustrious Prince for me for the gift of pike and also in my name wish Prince Johann good fortune in reconciliation with his Princess.Christ will continue well his work which He has begun in him and bring it to the completion,Amen. To Him be thanks that He has so graciously heard our prayer in this matter. Through this example one is taught that one must pray and not cease; He will surely come and save us. However, as I said, I am now siezed by several burdensome duties by Satan and cannot write much more. More at another time. You also pray earnestly for me to the LOrd that I may accomplish what is good in His eyes. The unspeakables of the Roman Cardinals has been published in Latin as well as German. However, the godlessness of this matter and the unworthiness of these men so gross so that one cannot sufficiently oppose it or express it in words. Christ Himself will come as Judge;Who must hold forth the fitting revenge over these despisers of God and of men.You pray for me, as I have prayed for you and I have confidence that my prayers are valid before God My Kaethe greets you and Meister Peter respectively. I wish that it goes well with you in the LOrd. On the Saturday after the enthronement of Peter celebration (Feb 23) , that is, according to what the Pope has introduced to fortify his tyranny,I send to you the coat of arms of the Pope by which I drew or which I have had drawn (meaning he arranged to be drawn) with his Cardinals. I am sending a cope of the bettering of the Church. Previously I have also already put into German. Your Martin Luther.

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