Monday, July 02, 2012

#2417-To Justus Jonas in Zerbst

Grace and peace in Christ!There is nothing more that I would have written to you, my dear Jonas,except that I indicated to you that I would gladly and often write were it not because of buziness or because of the angel of Satan and his smashing fist. Yet, there are here no news which might much concern you which one should write to you about since you are staying in a place nearby as an envoy.In you house it stays well, but your beer is corrupted if the beer in your cellar is the very same which you gave to me as a present. However, it may be that the old man is corrupted at the same time as the beer as is the old man, the vessel, or rather the drain spout of these "martyred" waters, if only the incorruptibility of the inner man which drinks of the source of the living water which flows to everlasting life is increasing from day to day. Amen. Philippus sends news out of Italy. I hope from the same that it will happen that Christ,after the world destroys itself,will hasten His day when the circle of the world will be broken and cave in. The fearful will likely the encounter the ruins but we will anticipate the nearness of salvation.Amen. One says here that our cause is forgotten that that Epicurean in Halle (where he shamefully killed Hans Schenitz)the observance of stop-command of the kingdom has despised and that he know wants to exercise the cease-command against our Princes and continue it.That clearly indicates forgetfullness of well-known expression of Cato; it's terrible when the incrimination falls back on the teacher (Turpe est doctori, cum culpa redarguit ipsum).When the command of the empire against was not valued, why should it now be valued? However, as I said, I do not believe that ours have forgotten this deception though not likely for Luther if he remains alive, the honor is reserved this revelation (Apocalyse)to interpret with fitting ingredients.If you anything certain on this matter, share it with me.Then since I likewise pray to God against this Pharaonic monstrosity so I would gladly hear nothing than that of God's judgment against him:this vessel of wrath stands against the church and harms it and the sin is great and I do not pray for him. Satan us on this past Sunday,as God allowed, demonstrated our security and taught us that we must live watchfully and moderately.He has thereto been asserting that a murder ocurred by a man who when he is sober is gently as a lamb but when he drunk he is a warrior. He has been for my Kaethe from time to time an eager and good day worker. May God comfort his own and protect us against all temptations of Satan through Christ our LOrd,Amen. The rumor has likely come to you that it was a servant of Luther ;so it has been rumored in this city for an entire day. He has likely fled after he wished his wife well with tears and has left behind three children with the mother in great poverty. However Satan may ridicule mercy among us: yet, woe to you says that Judge, who rudicule especially the unfortunate; that comes to Satan and the Epicurean in Halle and his like. This Herodic ridicule and spite Christ actually understood and has willed that we should also understand it. Finally they also will when our sorrowing is turned into joy. This is brief but more will follow when I can. You are, as a result of this explicit letter, you who is so joyful and restful in the rich peace of Christ (what I exceedingly desire for you) now obligated to me ten explicit on rather a thousand. Be it right well with you in the LOrd. The 12th of Februar Anno 1538. Your Martin Luther. N.B. "Your" ML is reserved for the closest of colleagues.

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