Monday, July 30, 2012

#2425-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! I do not want to be your rival, my dear Jonas,in writing of letters and not without reason;first, because you exceed us in understanding and eloquence, which, likely, for you is an inherited gift;also because you have abundant stuff to write about since you are about so great heroes and situations conversant that I almost could think that the army of the Trojans and Greeks might have been tired (matte) hosts before Troy if they had not been inspired by the poetic art of Homer and the insignificant things with the immeasurable eloquence enlightened.Meanwhile we here confess Christ in quietness and hope though at times with little bravery.; we, especially Magister Philippus and I, have become, since you are absent, with matters and activities overwhelmed to excess, while I, as an old man and retired in these days the satisfaction of enjoying old age looking at the wonders of God in the growth of trees.the herbs, the bird etc.,and this fun, yes also the leisure is due to me had I not through past sins deserved to be robbed of it through burdensome and often unnecessary activities. The rest of the matters M.Johannes,my table companion, will relate if I have written too little about something or you want to know more if it is the case that he knows more. At your home it stays well. The daughter of M.Philippus, Hanna,is here with her husband and children from Salzwerken because the husband is very much comforted that here he can enjoy the Sacrament. I have come to the hope that this tragic-play will come to a good conclusion finally and a very merry tragic play (tragi-comoediam)resul. Amen according to Christ's will. In Him be it well with you and say to Myconius that I do not now want to alternate answers and that I only envy his leisure namely that he.a healthy, strong, happy and fine young man, yes, one entirely worthy that he should partly obtain my leisure. On the Monday after Judica (8April)Anno 1538. Your Martin Luther.

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