Thursday, May 31, 2012

#2411-To Vice Cahancellor Burkhard

To the high-placed man,Herr Franz Burkhard,Chancellor of Saxony,his god=father and very good friend. Grace and peace in Christ! I am sending you finally myself,because (as you write) another has not sent the third and fourth disputation, my dear Franz. You said that you have the first and the second, and I marvel that everything else is done by the Court so earnestly so that not a flea-bite is omitted that these well-known things are not reported. On the coming Saturday (12 Jan.) I will debate the second disputation and again,if they want, hear the anti-nomians. From Freiberg regarding Jakob (D.Jacob Schenk)everything is so assuredly written that I am forced to believe what I only with sorrow must believe. "Well now", the light brings everything visible. Regarding Magister Karg I have not yet written to the illustrious Prince becasue he seems to be healing and adopted the right attitude earnestly and that is a sign that the man was terribly deceived. He has been afflicted by completely horrible opinions which are fully empty. And Satan has noted that here (as one says) the fence is low. However, more from another time. Be it right well with you in the LOrd with all of yours. Monday after Epiphany (7 Jan.) 1538. Your Martin Luther,D.

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