Saturday, May 19, 2012

Translation of Deutsch around Agricola below by Ursula the Great of BC

Johannes Agricola Doctor Eisleben Called the Elector's preacher In Coelin on the Spree in the THUM (Bistum=diocese or Fuerstentum =principality ? Seliger the note he is holding says: The students in Frankfurt on the Oder have written against me. (can't read the word) need (can't read the word ) necessity the work. So I don't know a saint with that name. Many proverbs (sayings) I discovered. I explained them very nicely. So that the bad should be avoided. But I helped to make (schmieden-to forge) the interim. But in the spirit on the other hand so strong. I preached the best in the Marck (not sure what THET means)

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Don said...

A nickel for deciphering the words that couldn't be read and the meaning of THET.