Saturday, March 24, 2012

#2405a-To Vice-kanzler Burkhard

To the highly-placed man, Herr Franz,Vice-Chancellor of Saxony, his very dear god-father and friend.
Highly-honorable Herr Vice-Chancellor!You might be assuming that you must redeem your faith, hope and love, because D.Brueck says, that the writings of M.Georg Roerer have been anxiously awaited but that it is our reponsibility that that which causes so much anxiety have not been sent as one expected etc. Demonstrate to us therefore your mercy for God's sake.

On the most illustrious Lady Markgraphin  I write nothing because I do not want to be the writer of such sorrowful things. God grant His mercy to the good and blessed Lady. And let us all pray for her. It is the completely unsearchable Counsel of God that He permits such doing of Satan in our midst.

(N.B. no date but only 1537 suggested. And probably from Wittenberg/

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