Thursday, March 08, 2012

#2400-ML to Elector Johann Friedrich

G.u.Peace in Christ etc.Illustrious,high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! Awriting will be coming to ECFG for a citizen of Halle named Ambrosius Laub, about a grant in Gera etc. Now this same man is not liking to remain in Halle below the evil Worm and harmful Cardinal and is considering leaving. It has been requested of me to request ECFG whether he might be useful for an office so that he could have by ECFG a gracious furtherance. Now he is such an one who holds to the Gospel and gladly heartily does so, so it is my humble request, if it is well to be done, ECFG would  such a poor, bound soul would help from the prison and claws of the desparate Tyrants, so much as ECFG wills can in time and give advice to the good man. The Father of our dear LOrd Jesus Christ direct ECFG blessedly, Amen. Midweek after St. Lucia (19 Dec.) 1537. ECFG' s submissive Martinus Luther.

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