Tuesday, March 06, 2012

#2399-Elector to Luther

(Reply to the concerns regarding Markgraphin Elisabeth going to Lichtentenberg)

At the outset, our greetings. Honorable and Highly-Celebrate, dear devoted one!We have your answer on our recent writing to you about our friendly, dear Aunt, the widow Markgraphin and concerning her return to Lichtenberg from Wittenberg , received and so graciously and also noted that you know nothing of the recent writing our Love and about her going from Wittenberg. And we do not conceal to you that we do not think it appropriate to answer to our dear one as concerning her son,our uncle and brother-in-law, Markgraf Hans and his arrival in Wittenberg to our beloved in Wittenberg and whether the same is forthcoming or not. We are expecting daily such answer and whether such meeting proceeds (furgang) as we then there our aunt, Markgraphin , and Ernst will be there on behalf of  Markgraf  Hans undoubtedly and so we are ready and inclined for the same at the time to travel to Wittenberg and provide for the household and other burdens before she again betakes to Lichtenberg giving support in a friendly way. We, however, do not want to keep from you that several matters have taken place that we cannot come to Wittenberg in the coming week. So it is our gracious desire that the son of our aunt the Markgraf Hans would be provided for at Wittenberg and that such would not have to be postponed until after Christmas.What we are considering to do, may it be for the best of the pious Princess. Because then you know nothing better to advise that yet our Love stay in Wittenberg for a time so that you may know may according to our previous writing know what to do if our Love is determined and eager to get on the way and do something if that should happen. But if you want, as we have noted, no longer to be caring but urge our Love to go to Lichtenberg so we cannot stop it and it must happen and be then we have done what we would and are not sorry for it.
That Duke Albrecht of Mecklenburg together with his wife, also Markgraf Hans and the Princess of Anhalt should come to the Markgraphin at Lichtenberg we have up to now heard nothing; what comes further we will report to you by writing.
Because we also understand from your writing what a wilderness Lichtenberg has become and that the previous court should again be restored, as you have reported, so we have decided Mr. Jorgen of Minkwitz to go there and provide for all the necessities of the Markgraphin speaking well of her.Such we have wanted to share with you and are inclined to you with grace and good. Dated at Torgau, Sunday after Lucia (16 Dec.) 1537.

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