Thursday, March 01, 2012


(ML replying to the Elector's question as to whether ML knew about Markgraphin's Elisabeth's, whom he and Kaethe were caring for in their home at Wittenberg, intention to reside in Lichtenberg and asking what ML thinks about the same.))

Grace and peace in Christ and my arm pater noster. Illustrious, high-born Prince and my most gracious Lord! Regarding ECFG's writing which came to me yesterday therein indicating that they could not know whether beforehand or with advice that my most gracious Lady had written such or intended the same to go Lichtenberg .,etc., I give ECFG this humble answer that I certainly did not know of EFG's writing.At that time I did know of the messenger having a writing and being sent but I did not know to whom or where. Likewise I didn't know of a journey to Lichtenberg , apart from the uproar in the house that exists whether Duke Albrecht of Mecklenburg together with his wife ( who is recently in Roslau), also Markgraf Hans and his Princess of Anhalt should come to my gracious Lady in Lichtenberg.Such delusion now strenghthened by Mr. Philip's arrival in Lichtenberg ( which I thought ECFG ordered to the household in Lichtenberg), whom was there summoned (again as I hear) was likewise appoined to the household by my most gracious Lady: know nothing tho for certain; with that established, at the same time venison ECFG sent to our EFG..hurriedly sent to Lichtenberg, so I thought with such hospitality and meeting happening my most gracious Lady would follow in the coming days, regarding the same and hoping that everything would be regarded, I could nothing other assume than that ECFG had consented to or ordered and it is a wonder that here one would be disappointed.And as ECFG writes that I should advise thereto that yet a time the good Princess abide here, I not only agree but also am happy to because also in faithfulness and that I know nothing better to advise.However, I am concerned that finally I will not be able to hold the eel by the tail which turns and presses to squirm away; reasons for the same I do not know whether I am dreaming awake or in sleeep.ECFG helps for the best in God's Name, otherwise I let go what will happen  or what will not happen.Today Mr. Philip  (came again) said what a wilderness Lichtenberg is . Someone said to me that all the young nobels and the previous court should again be ordered to convene and everything is determined by the travel.If it cannot be otherwise I do nothing for my own pleasure but for the best of ECFG, that I know well. Herewith be commended to the dear God, Amen. Tuesday after St. Nicolas (11 Dec.)1537. ECFG"s submissived Martinus Luther.

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