Friday, February 24, 2012

#2390-To Wolfgang Reisenbusch, Preceptor in Lichtenberg

Grace and peace in Christ. Respectable, honor-worthy Lord, especially good friend. The head-pastor in N (Brettin?) told me of his need of  which I have personally seen. The wife and child in misfortune, and poor and were bitter to him the house-holder, that God knows. Because he was taken care of by N(Brittin? ) with 20 Floren he could use another 100 Floren  although at that time he consented to the same: but now the need and thirst is there that such agreement should be void by everyone who has any sense.And if like Christ, wash the feet, it would be more an indulgence than a sin.
Now E.A.of N. the most and best from excess can easily help: thus it is not only my earnest plea, but also trusted advice, E.A. would accept and to him completely also grant 100 Floren; since, E.A. such slight money in the matter would not be harmed, and it would greatly help the poor man.
Then I will not conceal, that not only the Conventiale of N. but almost everyone angrily and evilily speaks thereof
that E.A. should take everything to himslelf and the others so merely and naked neglect; and does that with such a forceful appearance that also E.A.'s good friends and I, myself, that I cannot find or have anything to stop their mouth, that E.A. should  for the sake of money have an evil outrage, especially because E.A. has already enough and this poverty (that could comfort this poor  with with and children) not touch him. And as many have learned of this , they think: if should finally be (if E.A. so adamant should remain) the cry of the poor will reach heaven about E.A.
If I were in E.A.'s position I would a hundred or two Floren cast before the rabble and such gossip still, and my conscience before God would quieted and surely and made joyful. insofar as I had done enough; since God has given E.A. enough and can well give more. It says:Facite vobis amicos de Mammona iniquitatis {make to you friends with the mammon of unrighteousness]
Such writing , I plead, E.A. would understand for the best and from me understand as from a good, faithful heart desiring E.A. all honor and good, here and hereafter. This moves me to do for the sake of the poor head-pastor to with his wife and child in need.
And if were not of the hope that E.A. would not remain hard, I would not have undertaken this likely, requesting this . I hope also that E.A. will not my pleas disregard since I think that E.A. in the common treasury has much that has been given, so now is present a greater than has been presented to it. Herewith be to God commended,Amen. Given at Wittenberg on the day of Catherine (25 Nov) Anno 1537.

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