Monday, February 20, 2012

#2389-ML to Elector Johann Friedrich

Grace and peace and my poor pater noster to God.Illustrious,high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! I am writing now to ECFG about my gracious woman's future (as it seems to me)to Markgraf Hans. I however have in the letters to Markgraf Hans,giving underscoring both help and difficulties. T therefore  ECFG would these gracious writings know well how to understand. The brain is yet "dotterweich" and wants to be very active about much to do  and there is much disturbance so that I actually really do not know what I should do. She is very well, however, the money came from her son and it proceeds  that there is no measure or ceasing from the wastefullness and recklessness. She has given to me also two overflowing vessels with an hundred gold-gulden. However, I cannot and will not accept for many reasons. That embarrasses her then and the matter stands that I am tired and would gladly be released: therefore I humbly request that ECFG would thereto graciously help me. If nothing else will or can be I will finally let her go to Lichtenberg in God's Name, be it for the better or worse.Since I can (because the goal is such) neither prevail or yet endure and have long enought tried. Christ, our dear LOrd, be with EFCG always. ,Amen/Friday after Martin (16 Nov.)1537. ECFG's humble Martinus Luther.
N.B. Looks like the Friday after ML's birthdate in 1537 was not too pleasant.

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