Sunday, February 12, 2012

#2387-ML,Jonas and Spalatin to Hans von Taubenheim, Landrentmeistr

At the outset, grace and peace through Christ.Honorable, valiant, espicially gracious friend! After I, recntly humbly plead to our high-born Elector of Saxony, our most gracious lord, for Herr,(vor her) Jobst, Fishmaster,blessed, his widow and orphan submissively and at that time his ch.g.(electoral grace) gave to me a gracious and comforting answer, we now both report that likely because of hindrances our highly regarded most gracious lord because of matters and activities has not yet made no help and yet they have only a simple house and also the many children are all undisciplined; for that reason our request ,our friendly  and earnest plea, is that for the same widow and orphans our most gracious lord would faithfully and favorably provide help so that they will be graciously maintained  as certainly Herr Jobst, sainted, entirely devoted his life to you. So it is a great and god-pleasing work to provide for widows and orphans and serve them. That also God ,our right eternal Father in heaven, timely and forever rewards. We are willing to serve and are friendly to you. Dated on Friday after Leonhard (9 Nov,) Anno Domini 1537. Martinus Luther,D.,Justus Jonas D.,,Probst,G.Spalatinus.

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