Wednesday, February 08, 2012

#2386-To Elector Johann Friedrich

(More on Johann Fesel)
G.u.Peace in Christ and my poor PATER Noster. Illustrious, high-born Prince, most gracious Lord!Magister Joahnn Fesel in Coburg, head-pastor at Holy Cross, whom,previously 10 Fl. and 10 (Scheffel) summercorn for extra pay has given out of the cloister Moenchroeden (Munchrote) graciously by ECFG indicated to me that previously by the Visitors ordinance it was so ordered that from the first grant, being late, 10 Fl should be added but it is now this year it will be three late and empty. However, Mr.Hans Schott,knight, denies and fights against following this and he issues yet a new command. I request thereto humbly that ECFG would have the above named Mr. Hans Schott that he would according the Visitors order follow and give ten gulden there is poverty with many children and everything is dear. ECFG will know how to bring this about graciously. Midweek after All Saints (7Nov.)ECFG's submissive Martinus Luther,D.
                                                   (Enclosed list)
Most gracious Lord! Magister Fesel has sent by messenger the enclosed writing and is waiting here for a gracious answer from ECFG so that he may have a little sustenance. He is a pious man and has suffered much and  and is forsaken.

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