Saturday, February 04, 2012

#2383--ML gives ordination-witness for Jakob Stigel

There is here Jakob Stigel, from Mahren, come and indicated that he from the church in Saalfeld is called to the office of Deacon and has for the same requested, as in our church the practice is, that in our church through public ordination be given the office to teach the Gospel and administer the Sacraments. He has given witness to his calling and the wise of Saalfield hold it as good and we have, after hearing his teaching learned that he accepts the pure teaching of the Gospel and supports   what the common church of Christ confesses and what we in our church teach and that he has an horror over all godless and schwarmerei opinions which the common church of Christ rejects and strives for the teaching which our church holds. He has with zeal and faithfulness assured and promised that in his preaching-office that the above accepted teaching of the church of Christ, which we accept , he will purely teach and defend. Therefore it is according to the Word of God in respect of the  calling of our church-workers  he should be given the public ordination and  this Jakob the office given the Gospel to proclaim and the Sacrament to administer. That is witnessed through this letter. And because the church upon God's command is to call church-servants so we support with the right and blessed prayers that this Gospel wherever Jakob teaches it may be powerful and our LOrd Jesus rightly confessed and honored be and many come to God-blessedness and be saved. Given at Wittenberg on the 17th of October anno 1537. Martin Luther,D.

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