Wednesday, February 08, 2012

#2386a-To Vice-Chancellor Burkhard

To the high-positioned and worthy man, Herr Franz Burkhard, Vicechancellor of Saxony, in the LOrd his very dear brother.
Grace and peace in Christ.Good Franz!I commend to you the matter of M.Fesel that you give my upright letter to the illustrious Prince as much help as you can. He is worthy and that knight (Centaurus) in Coburg is of the sort of Timon etc.
Likewise, I believe that Herr Chancellor Brueck has written the Prince in the matter of my Markgrafin as I have requested for advice so that I also finally and gladly would be free of this burden. From day to day occur more and more situations which cause me great aggrevations. There is in this house, yes,in the chamber and at the side of the Lordess that Bohemian sow (schrofa=scrofa) implores and attempts to secure favor to receive and is hated by everyone. The Lordess is likewise again (though not in her usual frenzy)fallen into laughable, childishness, about to whom to distribute her money etc.This she squanders actually valiantly and also gives it to those she when she is reasonable (sobria) extraordinarily hates. "My gracious Lord must do something, otherwise there is neither help or advice . She is a child and remains (I fear) a child.", for this reason there is no way that a maniac should have a sword and a child money etc. You understand, and you advise and work it out. "Whatever will be done" ,I have done enough. Your Martin Luther.
N.B. Looks like Knight Schott has the head of a man and body of a horse. Timon was tyrant of Athens, I think.
Poor Elizabeth at the hands of a sow in her bedroom and in her face!

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