Monday, January 30, 2012

#2382-ML to Johann Fesel, Pastor in Coburg

To the very dear brother, M.Johann Fesel, the faithful servant of the Word in Coburg.
Grace and peace in Christ! The Chancellor related to me that an appeal writing is required of me as you likely from the treasurer and H.von Sternberg will hear. Since the Prince is very indignant of that which by the orders of the Visitors is neglected and given them a good scolding.If you should know that the Kastner is disturbed by this scolding you can console him that it was not directed to him but to those for whom it was fitting. Since I fear if it already were burdensome to him and experienced unrest it could come to the ears of his wife, and the very good wife become more disturbed. Now your recommendations have proved right and anew caused concern. And they (the visitors?) will call on an obstetrician since that advice is well cast. The rest at another time. Greet all of yours especially the Kastner and his wife. From Neustadt (Neapoli)on 5 October 1537. Martin Luthr.

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Peter Schoewe said...

Didn't know they had obstetricians in the sixteenth century.