Thursday, January 26, 2012

#2381-To Augustin Himmel, Preacher in Colditz

Grace and peace in Christ! Caspar Schaller is sent to you, a God-blessed and poor man, the bringer of this letter,my dear Augustin, so that he may lead your boys' school.I wish that he would be to you very much recommended. To that end I plead that you the dispensers of the church's treasury,also for my sake,may either order or them impress, that he is given some compensation so that he may be clothed and established and afterward in a time or placed in account to be repaid in accord with the rule of subtraction etc. If I can do anything further according to your pleasure I am ready. The extreme need of this man moves me to write to you for him as there is no other way available to help and counsel him to another position of which he is worthy. Since he is a gifted man, instructed in scholarship and music but he, through an unfortunate accident has lost his stability and is thrown in the extremist of trouble. Be it right well with you and all of yours, joyful in Christ. Amen. Thursday after Mauritius (27 Sept). Anno 1537. Your Maritn Luther.

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