Thursday, January 19, 2012

#2380-ML to Margaretha,Princess of Anhalt

(ML writes to Margaretha daughter of the Markgrafin Elizabeth of Anhalt seemingly dying at ML's home in Wittenberg and being cared for Kaethe. ML thinks that there would be no place in Wittenberg for Margaretha to reside and doesn't think she should come.)

To the illustrious,high=born Princess,Lady Margaretha, born Princess in Brandenburg,Princess in Anhalt,Grafin in Ascania, and Lady in Bernburg,my gracious Lady.
Illustiious,high-born Princess, gracious Lady.! Ready with obligatory and obedient service at all times with zeal to EFG. Gracious Princess! After EFG's recent departure gave me indication that the same EF Grace was inclined and willing to take care of the same's Lady Mother and thereto desire that I EF's Grace together with several personell would again provide lodging in my residence or something nearby to establish a quiet residence: now I have since everywhere the city is full of people in every area do not know of any additional place to dwell..I think it therefore not necessary that EFG be near her Lady Mother since your Grace,God willing , Mother will have no lack of care and I will spare no effort to accomplish that. Also I am with the confident hope that the Almighty God, from day to day, will turn and provide things for the better and thereto
our church steadfastly pleads to God.Should yet EFG desire yet to come here, without a quiet lodging, as said above, EFG herself may consider that it would not be entirely unmanageable. Therefore would EFG as touching the Lady Mother would have no need for you to come.Thus, have I humbly indicated by good intentions and offer in every way by obedient and responible service and am completely willing and not over oppressed. Dated at Wittenberg on midweek after Maurici (26 Sept.)Anno 1537. EFG's humble,obedient Martinus Luther in Wittenberg and Doctor.

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