Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stipend for Brothecker

#2373-To Elector Johann Friedrich
G.(grace)& Peace in Christ and my poor Pater Noster (Our Father)! ECFG has graciously granted a city-youth of Eisenach from a knightly grant (Lehen) of land a stipend for Herman Brothecker, which he has used well and well taken to theology. Now, however, it is time for it to expire and he is sadly troubled that he must let go of his studies and learn hand-work since he does not yet have further support.Plead with ECFG humbly that he would for yet another year or two extend the named stipend after which he will be mature and old enough to use. Since he is adapted to theology ECFG sees and knows well what a shortage on those offices daily increases and thereto ECFG would well how to graciously and Christianly demonstrate this  to the praise and glory of God; may He be richly and steadfastly with ECFG,Amen. On the evening of ST.Bartholomew (23 August) 1537. ECFG's submissive Martinus Luther,D.

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