Tuesday, November 29, 2011


#2374-Luther to Johann Prince of Anhalt
To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann, Prince in Anhalt, Graf in Ascania, and Lord in Bernburg, my gracious Lord.
G.(Grace) and Peace in Christ etc.Illustrious,highborn Prince, gracious Lord! That I at the time could not come I ask that EFG would  graciously excuse me. Then it was not that I lacked the willingness and ready desire, but it was resolved for me to appear in Roslow and afterward to Dessen before EFG wanted me and this troubles my heart. As soon as I can, I will not miss the opportunity. God give His grace thereto, Amen. Herewith be to God commended. Monday after Bartholomew (27 August)  1537. EFG's willing one, Martinus Luther,D.

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