Monday, November 07, 2011

ML appeals for housing for Pastor Gabriel,wife Else and children

#2372-ML to the Council at Torgau.
To the honored,honorable,Perceptive, Mayor and Council in Torgau, my favored good Lords and Friends.
G.unF.(grace and peace) in Christ. Honorable,perceptive Lords and Friends! I have often spoken with your Pastor Gabriel how he will manage his house situation and what his wife and children would be left. He said that he was well satisfied; yet his Else would like a little house which is just. Now they only have a piece of land (because there is no house available) which they plan to use, namely next to the sexton's house, as he may have indicated. Now I want to give this request to my favored lords that it would be honorable and praiseworthy ( as it is in your power), that you your faithful pastor, who has served you with the Word for fourteen years, show your friendliness and permit your thankfulness to show especially as it comes under a citizen's right or should remain so.About that it is my friendly request you would grant him such room or help provide it because it seems futile and without consideration. Thereby you would give a good witness of your favor and love for the Word and the servant of the same which yet otherwise has scarcely much favor received. Doing this you would therein  well demonstrate something Christian and good to me. Herewith, be commended to God, Amen. Tuesday after the Assumption of Mary (21 August)1537. Martinus Luther,D,

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