Monday, October 17, 2011

#2371-Elector Johann Friedrich to ML-(Antwort to #2367 on the punishment of M.Paul Heinz)

At the outset our greetings. Honorable and highl-celebrated, dear devoted one! Your writing our ordered Council in Torgau, dated on the Thursday after James received, which writing  to us at Hildburghausen on the Monday after Laurentius was delivered, which we perused and noted, that your various considerations as to whether the imprisoned Magister Paul for his previous misdeeds and evil-doing toward our University should have censure and judgment inflicted, and request that we this matter should postpone until our coming. Thereto we do not want to conceal from you our gracious opinion that we previously received from our Universitiy two writings that therein is no explicit punishment in the laws but it is left to the discretion of the judicial office and they would determine to banish privilege and forever the named Magister from the University freedoms, this with an vehement plea, that we would such graciously yield to and additionally order punishment that the named Magister be forbidden in our friendly, dear brothers's electorate and lands forever. After we then determined as should the named Magister should not be subject to higher law and that likewise we this evil and offensive deed  any further consideration be given so we have the request of the University given regard and also ordered on the way our Landvogt ( administrative official) in Saxony of the same. Because then such before and afterward your writing was proper we had given our consent  willingly to be executed and not misconstrued and you should consider that it was before your letter came to us we were aware of your request afterward and we desire gracously that you would receive the same because this matter extends so far and be satisfied and let it be. And we have your custody opinion  no differently graciously noted, also not doubting whether the Magister or someone else may understand the matter as unjust but he should not flee his appropriate punishment. We have nothing more to say about your gracious opinion  and are inclined toward you with grace and good. Dated at Coburg on the Thursday after the Assumption of Mary (16 August) Anno 1537.

N.B. Court composition very difficult for me. Check with the experts.Wonder what happened to M.Paul Heinz ,his wfe and stepson? "Ewiglich" is a long time.

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