Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elector Johann Friedrich to Spaltin

#2377.Elector.Joh. Friedrich to Georg Spalatin, Pastor and Domherr.
At the outset our greetings. Worthy, dear devout one! We have your writing received and that the most worthy and highly-celebrated ,our dear devoted one, Mr.Martinus Luther,Doct., praise God is fresh and healthy,also weekly preaches and teaches. Such we have graciously received and gladly heard  and hope from the Almighty God in His Almightiness give enduring health for His salvific Word  for the consolation also for Christianity graciously inspire and support.The news which you gave us of the report of the named Doctor Martinus from Etschland clientele which has come here that he yet lives, gives, and does we have gladly received. And that there such report resounded and such cry came to us that Doct.Martinus in Schmalkalden was very sore and severly illl.
We believe also happily that the named Doctor Martinus from our Aunt, the Markgrafin and her daughter were greatly concerned about their arrival in Wittenberg but now needs not to be changed.
We also have ordered the oversight of Magister Georg Rorer ready  to order, except he must with patient await . until we, as God wills. come, to Torgau for the publication of the same; we will then complete the same and send to him.We also have ordered Magister Georg Roerer's observations prepared, only he must await our prescription with patience until we, as God wills, either come to Torgau again; then we will complete the same and send to him.
2.We have also, as you know, been pleased that Doct. Martinus sermons and Lectures be assembled in the library written during  his life.And you also, as we do not know, also order that you, as one who knows, are ordered to commend  that he should such sermons and lectures transcribe. As this is our gracious desire that we desire such work to be undertaken beneficially: such you will not be without remuneration and recompense with nothing lacking since it proceeds therewith we do not want to fail in anything.
3.Whatever several of the great learned Constrasei would want done in the library to them we will give consideration and we when we come to Torgau give further consideration.
4.Concerning the old Duke of Saxony's,blessed one, whose remains should be brought out of the cloister to the main church according to a common practice should be ordered we want to speak with Doctor Martin and others. Whether it seems good to you  it also would seem good to us and we will condsider and decide. The enclosed Pasquilla we have graciously received. Thus we would be pleased to have your gracious opinion, and are graciously inclined toward you. Date in Coburg,Tuesday nach Egidius (4 Sept.) Anno 1537.

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