Thursday, September 29, 2011

#2367-To the Elector Johann Friedrich
(N.B. by translator: Leaving Hundbegraber untranslated. See various ideas on the previous blog.St.Louis Edition heads this as an admonition to the Elector not to be too lenient with the imprisoned M.Paul Heinz.)

To the illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Fredrich, Duke in Saxony, Arch-marshall of the Holy Roman Empire and Elector,Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.
Grace and peace in Christ, also my poor Pater Noster. Illustrious H.F.G.H! I had wanted to spare E.C.F.G. this writing and let it go on account of what happens to the imprisoned M.Paulus who us all with his devilish mistreatment has put forth a slanderous libel that we are everywhere Hundbegraber (although there was no dog) and we must be shamed.. Now several jurists in the Pope's (devil's) Name have once again become merciful, yet not over us, about which we must suffer, and want the instituter of such such shame to be made holy, on account of which us poor theologians are portrayed as blood-thirsty, so I yet also (as I hope) have demonstrated mercy over many evil-doers more than ECFG could tolerate. Now the outcry is so great and increases that has come before the University with words and writings; whether your mercy should be lacking and my concern all too much then I would apologize and henceforth would know well how to proceed against such Jurists.

Now because ECFG as lands-Prince also is involved, since it is an important matter: so I must to ECFG humbly indicate so that afterward I assert before ECFG why I had been silent in such time; since the Bube should (as the whole city says) be defiant calling from the window above and letting letters fall, and for whom it would be due to come before me in the chancel, thereto desiring (although I do know who the person would be )to plead for the miserable man , who is forsaken by all and who no one accepts; you lie (so I say) since I and the assistants et al are here.And the wife and her friends express great defiance as if she had done nothing evil.

Therefore, my conscience proves to my submissive sworn loyalty to ECFG , I humbly appeal that no matter how holy and good it appears that ECFG would make a delay until ECFG himself can come here and firmly understand the matters; since he can well that long sit in corporal imprisonment. May ECFG graciously regard in the best way this writing; as I may be angry without reason; so that afterward one might say: Who would have thought it! and we must be rebuked. What they have buried I will let go; however because they have for a year and one half let it be said that their child was buried and remained silent so they would let him be buried and dead were the child to live as long as Methuselah.ECFG would regard my writing as the shirt,overcoat, and jacket but consider your honor and  rumors throughout the land , church and congregations. Herwith be commended to God,Amen. Thursday after James (26 July) 1537. ECFG's submissive Martin Luther.

N.B. Difficult one to translate. Check it out with the experts. Just learned from Luther Index and Farkasag that ML thinks that his writing might be regarded as the "Mantel,Hemd oder Rock" means according to Weimar means " entirely as you please" as I translate the note. Interesting idiom!

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