Thursday, October 06, 2011

#2368-To Friedrich Myconius in Gotha.
Grace and peace in Christ! I wish you happiness, my dear Friedrich,that you at last from God also a "Fritzlein" have been granted. I think it so very good that you count seven daughters, and as desiring also a little son and lovingly have received. I wish you once again happiness and pray that he will be preserved for you and that you , the father, will pass on every gift,Amen. That you boast your good standing with your Magistrate praising you, that you desired to deny me a grave in your bishophric, thus I have often regretted that I was not buried in your city. Since I am again restored to health I see such things which I have not seen before if I were in God buried or in Gotha buried.However the Victor over all, Christ, overcomes also this trifle evil. Just like there are more angels with us than we think so also there are more good things than we see. Then as all others have eyes they do not yet see the LOrd as Paul says 1 Cor.2:9. My lord Kaethe greets you and wishes you happiness in the birth of a son, but she warns that you refrain from the son's milk and let the mother rest until the son lets off with the milk and is accustomed to that (ablactetur=entwoehnt wird). The rest you will as a married man understand although she doubts that your  remembrance will have any consequence. Be it right well with you in the LOrd.

I might . after you have researched everything publish a book on the history of Erfurt because this matter will extend to the glory of God and the consolation of many to say nothing that will terrify because of the monstrosities of the Pope. Friday after James (27 July) Anno 1537. Your M. Luther.

N.B. Earlier in the year at Schmalkalden, ML was thought to be near death with Steinkrankheit (gall or kidney stones) he  headed back to Wittenberg stopping at Tambach, got relief and went on to Gotha. Kaethe started out to meet him as ML spent several days there still in danger of death. Thus, his thinking about being buried in Gotha.  I'm trying to get info from Luther Index on "Das Andere"( the rest). Maybe Kaethe thinks seven daughters and one son are enough but doubts he will think so. Was denken Sie an? Further, from the anonymous comment I understand that Fredrich is to abstain until the son is weaned.Hope that's right?

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