Tuesday, July 05, 2011

#2264-To Johann Schreiner, Pastor in Grimma

To the worthy Herr Magister Johann Schreiner, Head-pastor in Grimma and Superintendent, in Christ my favored friend.
Grace and peace in Christ. My dear Magister and Head-Pastor! It  is said yet, whether Spalatin wants to or not,that the noble people and who they are, that one cannot portray a head-pastor as they desire, and should thank God that they the pure Word might hear from one book letter for letter because aforetimes  under the Pope they had to hear the devil's farts and filth and paid dearly for it. Can the noble people virtual Doctor Martinus  and M. Philippus create out of such beggar-servitude? Do they want to have a virtual St. Augustine and Ambrose which they may fashion themself? If a head-pastor his Lord Christ sufficient and faithful is,  though not remarkable,the nobles should agree, is acceptable to Christ.Must yet a Prince in his world regiment be satisfied if amongst the entire nobility finds three workables and must be patient with the majority. They want everything to be sorted out, but not themselves yet they might be.
Such matter you should in your area determine since we are without that overwhelmed without rest or peace from matters in other places. Let this letter come before Princes and Lords, or wherever, I have nothing against that. Feria 2. after Kiliani (9 July), Anno 1537. Martinus Luther.

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