Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#2365-To Wolfgang Fabricius Capito

(The St. Louis Edition has this heading: About the edition of his (ML's) works and the gift to his wife.)

To the highly-renowned man, Herr Wolfgang Capito, Doctor of Theology, the very faithful servant in the church in Strassburg, in Christ, his very dear brother.
Grace and peace in Christ. Through this Franzofen, my dear Captio, whom you have commended to me, I wish to reply; perhaps what he himself has seen and heard he will want to relate himself. In reference to the gathering of my books in  volumes I am very cool (frigidor) and not inclined (segnior), for this reason, because of my hunger, like that of Saturn, moved that they should all be devoured. (Saturn devoured his own children excepting Jupiter,Neptune,Pluto, Juno, Ceres,Picus etc). I acknowledge none to be my true book except beyond that on free will and the catechism. Yet , I have turned the matter over toi D. Caspar Cruciger if something should be done. My forboding,I say, is that you in this matter(Concordie?) are much wearied but at the same time I pray that our Christ will not permit your labors to be in vain. The Satan in Augsburg (likely the zwinglianer Michael Keller) has us badly portrayed but we exult in the one Who has begun His work; He will certainly in His time be present and for this reason we do not despair. Now I am convinced that you and Bucer are dealing clearly and uprightly and not only that but I am happy also that all  and not I alone have that opinion, who have spoken to me or written if they have considered it.

My Catarina, for the golden ring, says thanks, about which I am indignant not having seen it and if it was included it was either stolen away by thieves  or by your neglect (which I think unkikely although I put it forth)  never included and lost  because I am confident that this gift was an indication and presentation that happily sent that it is now certain that your church and ours stand in loving harmony; this makes my wife very sad. I write this so that you know that heart is completely in the hope of harmony. Christ will completely bring it to pass,Amen. However, I add this in addition: do not send anything further in the future to my wife, so that the sorrow will not be doubled, since Christ is enough for both sides.
Greet all of yours and ours manifoldly and determine to think the best of us as we also do of you. the The LOrd Jesus be the seal of this good will; to Whom be glory with the Father and Holy Spirit forever,Amen. The 9th of July 1537.Your Martin Luther.

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