Monday, May 30, 2011

#2360-To Dorothea Joerger

Grace and Peace in Christ. Noble, virtuos woman. Because Mr. Andreas in order to serve you,has indicated intention to serve you, I plead you would favorably have him commended to you; he is, yes, as you know a pious man, and he has concern, that he there may have more danger and bring you into danger with him and you will well know how to advise should there need arise. I have advised him whether he should have such concern.Christ, or dear LOrd be with you and bless you together with all of yours in His holy calling ,Amen. M. Stiefel, has, when I write to you, asked that I should for his sake very much greet you and request you pater noster (our fathers). It goes,praise God, well. Sunday after Trinity (3 June 1537. Martinus Luther,D.

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