Saturday, May 21, 2011

#2358-To Conrad Cordatus, Pastor in Niemeck

Grace and peace in Christ! Your call to my father's-city Eisleben would very much please me, my dear Cordatus, since there you would be an effective opponent against Wicel, whom you hate with an holy and upright hate ; only you should previous to going take everything in consideration; so that if you are pleased you can do it without regret of forsaking the Niemeck corner. What God ordains will happen and it will please me . Also, perhaps there a healing wind will blow rather than the swamp-air which, day and night, is purified by fire.
I say to God thanks that your health has been restored. However, I beg you that you will dampen your suspicion which I know not imagines so many illnesses. You know the proverb: The imagination brings it about so that it is true (Imaginatio facit casum). On account of this you must take care the thoughts to control and not accept them. I must also do this. Since our adversary the devil goes about us not only that he may destroy the soul but also make our body dull by the thoughts of the soul which he night also kill as he knows that the body's health is dependent on the thoughts of the soul as one says: "A good disposition for the sake of the body". and (Proverbs 17:22) :" A troubled disposition dries the bones, a joyful heart makes life delightful." Thus I instruct you although meanwhile I must teach myself as Paul in the letter to the Romans (2:21) portrays the Jews. Be it right well with you in the LOrd. On the second Pentecost Day (21 May) year 1537. Martin Luther.

N>B. I believe Cordatus did one of the editions of ML's Table Talks. Right?

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