Tuesday, March 01, 2011

#2346-ML to Melanchthon at Schmalkalden from Tambach

"My heart-dear Magister Philippus Melanchthon" Praise be to God and the Father of our LOrd Jesus Chrsit, the Father of mercy and all consolation. ,my dearest Philippus, whose in this second hour of the night have had your prayers and tears received mercy, and for me the urine flowed and the bladder opened, actually without great effort, since (as you know) that I stood up making a futile great effort. Almost for a quarter of this hour had passed almost eight times urine had passed , each time more than a poured amount (sextans=pint) passed , so that I already have let out more than one full can (cantharum=Gallone). So I am required by joy to number this water, which otherwise would be bad but to me exceedingly valuable. For this reason I did want to hold back any longer such to my exceedingly loving and gracious Herr and to all others. Since I have well experienced how heartily they have wanted to help me. It proceeds now, to life or to death, since I have not only come out of the box onto firmer ground but also the grace received the source of silver. Since comfort requires that I also write this letter (although very hastily) alternating between passing urine and writing. Otherwise this messenger Schlaginhaufen (Ochloplectes) have reported orally, since he was not to hold up here, so that he might hurry to you. Thank, with me, the Father of grace and every good , that He would bring to completion His work. Ourselves, let us learn from this example to pray and to venture hope from heaven for help. "God preserve you all" and tread Satan under your feet with those bound to him, the horrors of the Roman court, Amen. Approximately the middle point of the third hour of the night,1537 from Tambach, the place of my blessing, since this is my Pniel (Phanuel) [Genesis 32:30], on which God has appeared to me. Your Martin Luther. Living, O Pope, is your pest, dying to bring you to death. Stranger, if you only can, flee the Hessian beggars.
Pestis eram vivus, moriens ero mors tua, Papa. Hospes,Hassiacis, quantumpotes, aufuge lectis .

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