Wednesday, March 02, 2011

#2347-ML to Kette from Gotha

Grace and peace in Christ! You may for awhile rent a different horse according your need, dear Kaethe, since my gracious Lord will keep your horse and send it back home with M.Philipp. Yesterday I broke away from Schmalkalden going on the own wagon of M.G.H. The reason is that for over three days here I was not well. and up to this night from the first Sunday (Feb.18) on not a drop of water ran from me, having no rest or sleep, nor could I drink or was able to eat. In sum, I became dead and commended you and the little child to God and my good Lord as I would nevermore see you; I pitied you very much, however, I was appointed for the grave. Now one has prayed so hard for me to God that the tears of many people have made it possible that this night God opened the exit of the bladder for me and in two hours well a Stuebigen has been let out from me and I am thinking I have again been born anew.
Therefore I thank God and have the child and Aunt Lena thank the right Father; since you would have certainly lost this father. The pious Prince has run,rode,fetched and endeavored with all possibilities to the greatest degree attempted to help me; however, it was not meant to be. Your art with the manure also did not help. God has done a miracle on me and does yet by the prayers of pious people.
This I therefore write to you since I consider that my gracious Lord has commanded the Landvogt to send you towards me that you previously may talk with me oor see me should I die along the way; that is not now necessary and you may well stay at home, because God has so richly helped me so that I look forward to come to you. Today we are laying over at Gotha. I have already written and marvel that nothing has come to you. Thursday after Reminiciere (27 Febr.) 1537 Martinus Luther.

Nota Bene: As to the translation of the amount (Stuebigen) by the bladder I don't what that measure is.
LOrd like this is the LOrd God. Lord is for earthly lords. M.G.H. is my gracious lord. What is "manure art" (Kunst Mist) ? According to the Luther Index (Agnes Farkas) the Weimar note says that this was probably a drink prepared from Pferdapfeln and Knoblach i.e. horse manure and a root(garlic?0 which Kette gave to a leader of the Prince to be delivered to ML in his distress which worked not.

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