Friday, February 18, 2011

#2345-To Aegidius Mechler, Preacher in Erfurt

To the ,in Christ, the highly honorable mann, Herrn Aegidius, servant of the Word in the church at Erfurt,his brother in the LOrd.
Grace and peace in Christ. It has been presented to me by Herr Johann Lang that you, my dear Aegidius by the Graf Albrect have been called away, however I plead with you for the sake of Christ that you will not leave the church in Erfurt, mainly in these momentous times, since I do not know how it will turn out as God has wonderful things in mind. It will be in a short time in which one will see  what this monstrous mountain of the announced Council will give birth to.If it will bear a ridiculous mouse so you would not naturally want to leave that place; if it bears a mountain or hilll so would you much rather that you had that you had yielded. I know, what I say, that the same position will remain which to you was offered , and one much better. Christ will recognize your poverty and afterward make you rich. After you have borne so much for so many years which you have borne so endure it yet for another half or an entire year; then I will either call you away (if I remain alive) or others will if Erfurt doesn't deal with you differently. Be well with you and pray for me, and yet more for the cause of God. From Schmalkald on the 25 of February anno 1537. Your Martin Luther.

N.B. Today is February 18 the day of the Luther's death in 1546. Seems like even in 1537 he anticipated it.

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