Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#2339-ML to Jonas in a classical mode

Grace and peace in the LOrd! Although, I believe, this is somewhat slow in coming to you,my good Jonas, I yet wanted you to know that we hope at this hour you again are well from the stone and that our prayers have been heard. Coming here again is the rumor that the most-holy Legate, namely, he from Aix of Nuerenberg has made straightway his way to our Prince. This was written to our Prince from Coburg who replied to them that if should come that he advised to go to Schmalkalden. There he will be expected if it is true that he is coming. If, I say,his coming is sure, he is coming without doubt not with fear of the Turks, but with advice and arrangement with the Turks to seek help,etc. Since what otherwise are the Lutherans but sheep for the slaughter; if this raging murderer likely needs their help? However, we will see. The Chancellor of the Emperor, Doctor Matthias Held, will also be there and perhaps this convention will be greater than those on both sides have believed. God grant that it will be a right Council.
There is here a Domherr from Zeitz, however one separated from his Order as he has taken a wife; he swore and assured, as much as he could, that this convention will have scholarly men (including himself) at the Council of Mantua. I write this to console you. Longing for you is extraordinary. Be it well with you and visit Meinigen and also the Pommeranian Rom with its little full citizenship. We are well and happy, yes, we are supported royally by the Prince since we are being hosted at his castles in Grimma and Altenburg with the best care. We hope to be the guests of the ancient Pylades and Theseus. We have, as is our practice (as you know) put our joking with him into verse. I am sending to you mine, M.Philippus his also, naturally as an Homer. However, my childish verse is as follows: As your deeds , Georg, please the LOrd very much, so may this strange cohort please you. To the famous Schmalkald we are going to assemble. God's matter is great, so we urge you to travel there, worthy man, you strongly share in the matter, come with us, as head and fellow-traveler, both. Your Martin Luther,D.

NOTES: Looks like Spalatin is called Theseus. But Pylades wouldn't be someone like the brother of Orestes? In the Latin verse, which I may print sometime, Schmalkald is Chalcida thinking that Schmalkald is comparable to the great Council of Chalcedon. Right, so what do you think?Here goes the Latin "childish" verse of ML: Ut tua sunt Christo gratissima facta, Georgi, Sic grata cohors haec peregrina tibi. Tendimus ad celebrem pro nostro Chalcida coetu. Magna Dei cogit causa per istud iter. Tu quoque tantarum pars magna, vir optima, rerum,Nobiscucum ,venies duxque comesque viae. The Council of Trent was originally scheduled to be in Mantua as the Council of 1459 but then rescheduled to Trent.Evidently there was long standing dispute about Pommerania being a Roman bishopric. Don't see the connection with Meinigen, tho. Both ML and Jonas had either kidney or gall stones or bothl

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