Monday, January 17, 2011

#2337-ML to his son Johann

Grace and peace in the LOrd! Previously you have to me, my dearest son, written letters to me about your studies. If you continue, you do to me, your father,who loves you,something acceptable.but also something beneficial to you mostly,so that you do not get out of the practice. For this reason take care that what you have begun you earnestly carry forward.Since God, Who has commanded that children be obedient to their parents,has also promised this blessing to the children. See that you solely and only have this in your eyes and that you do not to any sort of evil example turn . Since the very same God has also threatened a curse to the disobedient children. Fear therefore God, Who promises and threats to the destruction of the evil disperses, yet quickly to the salvation of the good fulfills. Fear, therefore, God ,listen to your parents who surely want the best for you and flee harmful and dishonorable conversation. Your Mother greets you from the heart, likewise "aunt Lena" , and also your sister and brother who also a happy continuance and completion of your studies await. The mother has commanded that you greet the teacher and his wife. So when you are here either in Lent or in the joyful celebration it might be that I am meanwhile away. "Aunt Lena" prays very much about this.Be it well with you, my dear son, and learn and listen to the reminders of good people. The LOrd be with you. Given on the Saturday after the Conversion of Paul (27 Janurar) 1537 (1543)

Nota Bene: Nice letter for this time of the year when the Conversion of Paul is observed. Looks like it is probably 1543 as Johann studied in Torgau beginning in August of 1542 and ML had yet M. Franciscus as Hofmeister at home for his children up to 1539. So was denken Sie an?

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