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#2342-ML from Schmalkalden to Jonas on Valentine Day 1537

To the highly renown man, Herr Justus Jonas, D. of Theology and very faithful servant of God, in the LOrd my very dear brother.
Grace and peace in Christ! Yesterday, I have written to you, my dear Jonas, namely on the day before Valentin; today I write to you again on the day of Valentin itself since the messenger disapeared. The saint Valentine has in this night began to heal me and make me healthy (valentulum) from the stone; likely not that Valentin, idol of the fallen-seekers is, but the one and true Valentin Who saves us and on Whom we hope. Therefore I create the hope that I finally by His grace will be made healthy.
It is now the eighth day we have settled here or rather more are in suspense; all are in this place and in the stay satiated and long for the return. Since we are nothing more than an idle pile of manure.The Prince and cities are dealing with other things than what we thought about, also without us. Christ give their deliberations and undertakings blessings.
D.Benedict and D.Bleikard have become very bitter enemies of the Pope. Ei! How terribly they mangle him in his own decrees etc.; that is, orally. The Legat of the Emperor came yesterday. Doctor Held et al will likely be heard today. We are beggars here. With the Landgraf and the Duke of Wuerttenberg we eat bread ( since he has the best baker and breads), with the Nuernbergers we drink wine, from the Court we receive meats and fish. However, from the master-teacher I have learned that strong and heavy breads cause the stone; likely I must also experience this. Of that sort is the bread of the Court and of the market here. They have very good trout (Variolos) but they cook the same in water together with the other fish with the same brew. "O delightful eating!" For this reason I lively demand of them "about that" cooking " of the world" etc. and we will deliver it to the Nuernbrgerer kitchen to cook. Our Prince has every concern for us and prays that it will be granted that we are to receive a carefully considered decision but that is taken away and harm done by the Suffetiern,, the Metiern,the Retiern and Letiern according to the way of the Court. Beyond that I have nothing that I can write. Be it right well with you in LOrd and pray for us. From Chalcis on the Day of St. Valentine (14 Febr.) 1537. Your Martin Luther.

Nota Bene: Benedict and Bleikard are Counselors of the Elector. Luther plays onValentine and the Latin word for healing (valere). The letter for the day before is not extant. ML once asked his son who was the least clean cook in the world and replied a "cook in the world." The Suffetiern etc. are imaginary names for the great ones around the Court with undue influence. Chalcis where the great Council of Chalcedon was held is ML's name for Schmalkalden.

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