Sunday, September 21, 2008

#2277-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ!That the Bull of Herr Paulus (Pope Paul III), that is, the Cardinal, has not yet been delivered to me is likely because M.Philippus according to the wishes of Bernhard was to receive it first he (as there is many sided distrust among us or neglect) has not yet given it to me. I am accustomed also to do that with his letters. However, the German of it which was printed here I saw yesterday; I did see and did not recognize the cardinal-virtues of which Seneca and the other philosophers teach but rather the ramparts (cardines),the head-people,yes,the heads of Satan himself. "They are and rightly called 'Cardinal' in that respect. We are already condemned in this Bull; more by word of mouth. "It is" the very righteous wrath of God upon the world.

The ghost of Erich you have rightly interpreted. However, also this, that of ours in the market in Frankfurt, I believe I have written to you or you gotten it from elsewhere, namely, about the young woman who out of the beards of by-standers, or out of garments, or somewhere plucks out money in marks and devours them. Finally, from Halle, which you can inquire into, a new wonder is related how that in a Schuettzenspiel (ludo sagittario),which was put on by the Bishop, a young bridegroom in a storm was carried away from a tent leaving behind bows, arrows,shirt and even shoes.

Otherwise there is this news: the Duke of Holstein has finally captured Denmark; Copenhagen is taken and plundered and Duke Albrecht from Mecklenburg set free so that in these regions there is hope for peace since by this matter he is already made king namely the Victor, the Duke of Holstein if the Emperor does not want to make disturbance in this area by a new war which I hope won't happen.

My Lord Kaethe greets you and all of yours respectfully. And says to you that you should return as soon as possible, report, everything make better, restore again, reveal, make new and settle everything as before. Christ, be with you,Amen. Given on the 17th of August Anno 1536. Your Martin Luther,D.

NOTES: I guess ML is saying that Kaethe wants Jonas to return and do alot of different and contradictory things: make everything new and better and keep everything the same or am I missing something?
Think Jonas is with the University transferred to Halle because of the plague at Wittenber.
Question: Is a "Schuettzenspiel" a war play".

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