Thursday, September 25, 2008

#2278-To Justus Jonas

Grace and peace in Christ! You had guests from Naumburg,dearest Jonas, but likely while you
were absent, namely Balduin von Mones, a nobleman of the nation of the Picarden, with the woman, Johanna de las Marcha, the granddaughter of his brother. who reported here how well they were hosted by Erasmus Verder and Veit Lubbert and his brother. And he requested that I might recommend him to you moved by some sort of hope that either by my letter or by the promises of the former to receive some help.They are poor and have come as exiles here, driven out for the sake of the Gospel.If that is true,as it completely appears to be, I marvel that people belonging so great a family would come here. You know the Bishop of Luttich well enough and the name of his brother ,Rupert of Aremberg (Anborch)(whom also the King of France in a recently published accusation against the Emperor named Lord de la Marcha)is well enough known by me. The woman who is unskilled in our language appears
to us be from the Scythians.Therefore you make an effort to recommend them the already named citizens. And this Carl, the Franzose (Carolus Gallus),who with that Nicolaus Claudiamus served in my house, he witnessed that he knew everthing and it was all true. You know how we here are overwhelmed with foreigners. I have, since you left, cared for several monks who came out and the one after I paid for him to a handworker one Angeld (pretio) fled away because of a "rougish stiff neck".(? Schelmereien im Nacken).

The Doctor Hieronymous has married a young woman from Freiberg, the daughter of " Steige". My Kaethe thinks you know her father. You will be at the marriage or at a small meal but for me it is impossible to do what he thinks if it is not at all moderate. Your stone (gallstone) has boasted here in plain terms that its rule in your has not terminated and one must not believe your boasting that the stone by wine and the air in Thuringia has been forced out as you indicated. It said you were being hypocritical while experiencing something completely different. Be it right well with in the LOrd and greet your colleagues. On the Friday after the Ascension (of Mary) Anno 1536. Your Martin Luther.
NOTE: ML likes to joke about gall stones,you may remember.
Now like the roguish fellow had a stiff neck. What do you think?

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