Sunday, September 21, 2008

#2276-To Elector Johann Friedrich

Grace and peace in Christ. Illustrious,high-born Prince, most gracious Lord!I have to send to ECFG what the Virgins in the cloister at Ploetkau have written to me since I know nothing else from there.ECFG will know what to advise from that. The merciful God help ECFG and everyone,Amen. The insufferable devil gives us much to do in church matters and would gladly again force back and drive in the Papacy or a new Papacy by the positions taken by the peasants,nobility and citizens in the matter. Herewith be commended to God. Thursday after the Assumption (17 August) 1536. ECFG's obedient Martin Luther,D.
NOTE: For the appeal of the nuns in Ploetzkau which ML sends along tothe Elector see #2274.
I have translated;"denn Ich weiss sonst nirgend mit hin" as "since I know nothing else from there."

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