Friday, August 22, 2008

#2272-To Hieronymous Weller

I have written to you previously (#2266)my dear Hieronymous,about your wedding that there was not place for it at Wittenberg but that you following the example of Cruciger and others bring the wedding party here for an evening meal with two or three tables.Now it is about your reputation, to be decided with your friends, whether you want have an evening meal here or the wedding. I understand something different between a meal and a wedding. If you should celebrate the wedding here you must consider what originally motivated my advice,namely, that the University is in Wittenberg, a well-known place of which I am the host and thus necessarily many must be invited who otherwise could be passed over honorably if the wedding could be at another place and there must consideration be given to the city and academy as well for the sake of your and my reputation(Ehre). I am sending therefore the Register so you can see what a great number would have to be invited (although several could be deleted) if you and your friends honor should not be diminished and at the same time your honor-worthy friends could be served with some ostentation which the present difficult circumstances do not permit. With 100 Fl. you can scarcely fund a wedding and that is something different than the doctorate meal(Doctoratus). However,it is best that you or your brother come here so that we can confer as soon as possible on this matter. By letter and messengers one cannot reach a conclusion and meanwhile the time is expiring. Therefore send therto that the matter may be certain. I do not want it to be looked upon as bringing about dishonor. Summing up, you may either come yourself or send someone in your name so that we are not unprepared. I am bothered by the thoughts about your honor and my name (reputation); otherwise if you do not come or send some one I cannot by myself undertake anything at all because I am very concerned about you as I always have been. Be it well with you in the LOrd and greet your bride and all the friends. On the Sunday after Laurentius (13 Aug.)1536.

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