Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#2274-The Cloister at Ploetzkau to Luther

To begin with,grace and peace through Christ our Redeemer and Savior. Honorable,highly-celebrated and respectable ,favored Herr and Patron.
Since our worthy Kunegundis von Bavaria,formerly our dear Domina, on the Tuesday after Quasimodogeniti (25 April) fell asleep in God the LOrd and departed from this vale of tears (Jammerthal) we were addressed by written order of the worthy and honorable Johann Talnorden,Probst, and Andres Coelen, co-commandant, of our Cloister at Ploetkau and severly admonished that all the letters of the Cloister,the privileges and righteousness to be reviewed (? inventiren); and although we previously earnestly appealed to the above named Lord Probst and co-commander as we have done heretofore in the decease of any Domina that also another Domina might be chosen of which they assured us with earnestness to provide and set forth. Thereupon we were well disposed according to their wish and according to their command to present letters and privileges and permit a review. Afterward we found that their neglecting the choosing of and that we without a superior and authority made it difficult and resulted in manifold opposition as EAW can well ascertain being highly understanding so that the youngest, not preferring the honorable way, to hearken to the eldest as in all the other places and assemblies where there is no head or position of authority.Now it is for us poor children (as without comfort in this present world)that there is the opinion, on the other hand, that we desire some papistry Domina again be chosen and exalted among us especially after the order from the worthy,celebrated lord visitors gave that the church usages,songs, and distribution of the true Body and Blood of our only Redeemer and Savior which is without any of our poor sinful works and additions which we previously have been granted through divine probidence and have been, as muuch as possible, obedient and follow at all times and we hope that the care-taker of souls will provide and be of no other persuasion. After the above mentioned lord visitors and electoral authority assented to the same we have forsaken the Papists and their orders and placed,accepted and followed according to the external regiment and honorable Christian order and the ancient privileges and customs left in tact. Therefore it is our humble and earnest plea to Your worthiness that he would make for us poor, consoleless children a sufficient appeal to our illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Lord Johann Friedrich etc.,etc.,our most gracious Lord, that ch.G.(electoral grace?)would choose, as has always been done,and that it be according to the worldly regimen and honorable and not contrary to the
Word of God and graciously grant in our assembly a head as above mentioned and so that we may live, as God the Almighty grants, according to God's Word in honorable discipline; that the Almighty will graciously reward without doubt.Thus we want the highly mentioned EFG and Your worthiness be prayed for with our poor prayers before the Almighty with all earnestness. Date at Ploetzkau with the seal of our Cloister on the Monday after Laurentius (14 August) Anno 1536 and requesting a gracious, written electoral response. Your worthy,obedient entire assembly of the Ploetzkau Cloister.
NOTE: These sisters,like the electoral court, write very complicated sentences so check the above out with the experts. The Benedictine Nonnenkloster is in Anhalt=Bernburg.

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