Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#2271-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

To begin with, our greetings.Honorable,dear, devoted one! We have present Tilman von Heussen, Licentiat,with specific letter which he,in writing to the high-born Princess, Frau Sybilla, born in Cleve,Duchess in Saxony, a wife dear to us, has done, telling how because of the salvific,divine Word had to yield to be put out of Julich (Gulich) making humble requestfor him to be brought here to our Princedom. Because we gladly wanted to provide for him and further him graciously as a preacher of the divine Word we have extended to him 10 Fl.our of our treasury and slso commended 10 Schock of corn from our office in Wittenberg so that he might be temporarily supported.Therefore it is our gracious wish that you would learn of his ability and find a place where he may be a suiting and fitting preacher of God's Word as we respect him and ask that you would apply all diligence to consider whether in time he might be brought to our Princedom in Saxony where people would receive him and that in time he would learn the dialect and might be supported. Thereto may you do our gracious pleasure and want your gracious opinion. Dated at Lochau, the Tuesday after Sixtus (8 August) Anno 1536.

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