Monday, August 18, 2008

to Johann Forster in Augsburg

To the worthy and blessed man, Herr M.Joh.Forster, the faithful and clear servant of the church in Augsburg, his very dear brother in Christ.
Grace and peace in the LOrd! My little Margareta (Marussula) thanks you for your present, my dear Forster. I am surprised that you write that Musculus has so spoken that the Magistrate should be stirred up against the main (church-Stiftsherren) leaders while the opposition among us is surely concluded and accepting. However, you may determine and watch whether they want to continue or not; then we will open the entire Council with complaints. Meanwhile it is sufficient that they know that here the opposition party has concluded that they here have stood against and contradicted our opinion (although it is not true). Thereby they will finally be demonstrated to be a people who want division and a hypocritical union. For the rest it is our opinion that what was dealt with here should be kept secret but rather we have requested that it should be reported to all the churches,pastors and authorities so that the opinion of all might be heard and announce the same and only until the opinion of all has been made on the concluded Concord should it be published by the printer lest that before the victory an untimely triumph is sung and many might cry out that everything has been done without their knowledge and in a corner. Thus I await the consent of all will be written and sent to us as you and your authority has sent yours to us so that with public consent a public harmony will ensue and be openly published.

Recently a woman in Magdeburg has instigated a disturbance with Herr Nicolaus Amsdorf so that he has very little hope of establishing harmony. I believe that you know the little woman (Weiblein),namely the wife of Doctor Cubito, "the Hummelsheimin von Leipzig" (the bumblebee of Leipzig?).She has related to Amsdorf many and great things of your "Master Michel" against us and our opinion etc."It doesn't make for good blood if she will not cease". I am yet bearing everything with patience and have also not made it known to your Council until the outcry becomes greater. Be it well with you in the LOrd and pray for me. My Kaethe greets you and all of yours. The 7th of August 1536. Your Martin Luther.

NOTE: Michel is Michel Keller a Zwinglian-evidently from Augsburg.Looks like the wife of Doctor Cubito (Curio) was the widow of the Bartel of Hummelshain a little town with a castle. Maybe this is where they make the Hummel figurines?

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