Saturday, March 22, 2008

#2222-To Elector Johann Friedrich

To the illustrious, high-born Prince and Lord, Herr Johann Friedrich,Duke in Saxony and Elector etc., Landgraf in Thuringia and Markgraf in Meissen, my most gracious Lord.

Grace and peace in Christ our LOrd along with my poor prayer. Illustrious, high-born Prince,most gracious Lord! We have obediently received ECFG's command from Magister Franciscus, vice-minister, regarding the English etc.; and have translated all the articles into German and given them over to M.Fransicus wherein ECFG can see how much we have accomplished with them. Because they do not know how much of the same their Lord King will accept especially the final four they are taking some background to relate to SKM (his kingly majesty). Should now SKM accept the same
the alliance may progress since such articles agree with our doctrine; thus they are wanting that a messenger be ready who may clearly report to the King. Should SKM not want to accept these articles or seek many loop-holes or alterations therein, we cannot for sure for the sake of our churches confuse or cause error when they are scarcely yet at rest and quiet.
The King's issue with marriage ECFG can close as a religious-case, or if it is thought good to offer the extent which we have judged it.

Regarding the matter with Duke Georg ours have hardly dealt with it discreetly so I have been highly disturbed. However, ECFG has a good conscience and honorably and Christianly offered to let go all disagreements; God has done enough, He will also not forget in His time. However that revenge-seeking and peace-breaking man remains as he has been at all times blood thirsty and murderous until it happens to him according to Psalm VIII:"You have put down the enemy and the avenger." The best is that he cannot pray with such hardened evil with all who depend on him; thus he doesn't need to since he is so proud. We can, however, praise God, pray since we seek and offer peace and therefore God will hear us since we humbly confess our sins and seek His glory. Jesus Christ, our dear LOrd, strengthen and comfort ECFG against the devil's threats and bitterness.He well has alot more evil times in mind,Amen. Tuesday after Laetare (28 March)1536. ECFG's obedient one Martinus Luther,D.and the others et al.
Doctor Caspar Cruciger has also requested me to write to ECFG and request that ECFG would graciously provide the Eulenburg castle for his wedding; he doesn't anywhere else to go, since it cannot be in Leipzig or Wittenberg. ECFG will know graciously how to proceed. In such matters one must raise help. Herewith be commended to God,Amen.

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