Thursday, March 20, 2008

#2219-Elector Johann Friedrich to Luther

To begin with, our greetings. Revered, dear devout one! Since the well-born, our counselor and dear faithful one, Wilhelm, Graf of Neuenar, is now now here with us he has with him his preacher who wishes to address you and other scholars in Wittenberg and make a presentation to you, to be received and requests of us that we can be beneficial to him in regard to Wittenberg. Because we regard the above named Graf as loving the divine Word above all else and are inclined with every grace and the above named preacher in our recent trip was known to a considerable extent by Spalatin and Mr Fredric Mecum and regarded by them as pious and learned so we want him to come by you and demonstrate and prove his good will and will also at the same time cover the expenses while he is there; therefore we want you to make an evaluation. This we do not want to keep from you and you will do according your gracious pleasure.Dated at Weimar on the Friday after Oculi (24 March) Anno 1536

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