Sunday, March 30, 2008

#2223-To Elector Johann Friedrich in collaboration with Jonas,Bugenhagen and Melanchtthon

Illustrious,high-born Prince and Lord! Our obligated service at all times ready in complete obedience to Your Electoral Grace. Most gracious Lord! Your Electoral Grace's writing regarding providing a pious, learned pastor for the city of Naumburg we have received and perused the entire content and our eager to fulfil the desire of Your Electoral Grace however we want to offer Your Electoral Grace the humble opinion which should not go unexpressed that at this time there are few talented preachers available whom we can go without and give with the exception of Doctor Hieronymous Weller who perhaps upon our request might let himself be useful. In addition there is Mr. Michael Celius, Preacher for Graf Albrecht of Mansfeld who previously wrote to me Martin Luther, Doctor, that I would provide him with a service and Preaching-stool elsewhere assuming that he would likely receive permission and release from the above-named Graf, my gracious lord, and he would also be talented and pious for such an office. Whomever of the two would please Your Electoral Grace we will work with earnestness to provide so that the people of that place will not be deprived of knowing the divine truth but might be cared for by it. We want to put the same before Your Electoral Grace to consider in grace as our obligation since we are at all times willing to serve obediently Your Electoral grace. Dated at Wittenberg on the Tuesday after Judica (4 April) Anno 1536. Your Electoral Grace subject,obedient Martinus Luther,Just.Jonas,Probst,Johann Bugenhagen,Pastor,Doctor, and Philppus Melanchthon.
NOTE: The abbreviation: E.churf.G. or for Your Electoral Princely Grace throughout the letter.

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