Friday, March 14, 2008

#2216-To Johann,Georg amd Joachim of Anhalt

To the illustrious,high-born Princes and Lords,Lord Johann, Georg, and Joachim,Princes of Anhalt,Grafs in Ascanien and Lords in Bernburg, my gracious Lords.

G.(Grace)and Peace in Christ and my poor pater noster. Illustrious,high-born Princes,gracious Lords! I have received EFGs' answer about Heinrich von der Loche and am thankful for EFG's gracious writing. Since EFG has set the day after tomorrow and he is old and weak I request once again that EFG would find an amelioration to the sharpness of the law with grace in the light of the fact that the good man has been long in the possession and has put invested much and it is not believeable that it was without the knowledge and will of EFG's father and nevertheless yet (if it is so) it might be dangerous if he should be expelled from the property and it would likewise be the responsibility of the authority just as much to let it go and happen since the underling has bona fide siezed it and paid for the inheritance etc., which makes the current sharpness appear to be unjust since the responsibility is likewise the responsibility of the ancestors on both sides. EFG will know how to proceed graciouly and christianlly. Herewith be commended to God,Amen. In Wittenberg on the Monday after Reminiscere (13 March) 1536.EFGs' willing one,D.Martinus Luther.

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