Saturday, March 08, 2008

#2215-To Nicolaus Hausmann in Dessau

To the worthy and blessed man,Herr M. Nicolaus Hausmann, the very faithful servant of Christ in Dessau, his very dear brother.

"Grace and peace in Christ". Worthy brother in Christ and very revered man! I recommend to you the deliverer of this letter who has told me of his hope or that opportunity may be given to him to receive some sort of a position in a school by you. Therefore he has requested on this account that I might write to you and recommend him. I am doing this rather because he has a written witness from the Graf of Hoya in Westphalia which is placed before me so that he is not considered a stranger or held in suspicion. If there is a need for his labor there in the school, then do for him what you can.

There is nothing new beyond that I have undertaken a public writing attacking the crocodile of Halle whom in a private letter have made him to be a dragon and cardinal of the devil. Pray the Christ Who has begun the judgment of him will complete it since he, yes, unto the end remains impenitent and does not cease to persecute the grace of God.

On the wedding in Torgau I have nothing except that everything went.splendidly. In the evening I married the groom and bride; earlier D.Pommer had blessed them (as I was seized by dizziness and could not do it) and it was completely according to our way as contained in the cathechism since that is what the Prince wanted.The princely groom is a very good young man, sober and discreet,so that to me his appearance,his morals, and his talents filled me with great joy.Christ support him and increase all His blessings to him,Amen. Herr Kaethe greets you respectfully. Be it well with you in the LOrd and pray for me. On the day before Reminiscere (11 Marz) Anno 1536. Your Martin Luther.

NOTE: The marriage was between Duke Philipp of Pomerania and the Elector's sister Maria.

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